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Nondestructive Testers

Nondestructive Testers - Overview

Quality control inspectors examine products to make sure they meet standards.

Quality control inspectors monitor quality standards for products. They make sure companies follow product manufacturing rules. Inspectors work at all stages of production. Some inspect the materials that go into products. Others check products when they are partially complete. Other inspectors tests completed products.

Quality control inspectors read blueprints or work orders to learn about products. They analyze the information to learn how to measure or test products. They collect product samples for testing.

Inspectors take measurements, look for visible defects, or perform tests. They may use testing equipment such as thermometers, voltmeters, or moisture meters. They read gauges and dials to determine if the equipment is running properly. Fabric testers use touch to determine the grade of fabrics.

Inspectors mark items to show if they have been accepted or rejected. After testing is complete, inspectors clean and repair equipment.

After measuring samples, inspectors compare their findings against government or company standards. When there is a problem, inspectors suggest changes in production methods. They keep records of their findings. They compile the information and write reports for their supervisors.

There are many types of quality control inspectors, for example:

  • Mechanical inspectors check to see if parts move correctly or are greased properly
  • Electrical and electronics inspectors test the flow of electricity
  • Some inspectors check products or raw materials to see if they meet environmental standards

Quality control inspectors may work by themselves. They may also work in teams, or under a more experienced inspector. Some quality control inspectors supervise other testers.

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