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Riggers - Overview

Riggers use ropes, pulleys, and other gear to move large or heavy items.

When pulleys, ropes, and other gear are set up properly, riggers can lift heavy items without using much force.

Riggers examine loads to determine what type of gear to use. In some buildings, riggers attach pulleys to overhead beams.

Riggers assemble and install the rigging, hoists, and pulling gear. They attach pulleys to overhead beams and thread ropes through them. They may create slings to move items. They test the rigging to make sure it is set up correctly and is safe. They attach the load to the rigging and lift the load a small amount so it can be leveled.

Riggers give commands or signals to the workers who lift the loads. They tell workers how quickly to move loads and the direction loads should go.

Riggers take apart and store the rigging equipment after items are moved. They repair items that are worn or broken.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.