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Ripsaw Operators

Ripsaw Operators - Overview

Sawing machine operators run machines that turn logs into lumber.

There are two types of sawyers. Setters set up and adjust sawing machines. Operators run, observe, and trouble-shoot sawing machines. Both types of sawyers perform many of the same tasks.

Sawyers read work orders or get instructions from supervisors to determine what knives or blades to use. They determine the type and grade of wood and the cutting procedures.

Sawyers measure and mark the wood before cutting. They may also trim off defects with a hand-held circular saw. Sawyers mount blades or attachments on the machines. They adjust the machines using hand tools or computerized controls.

Sawyers position and clamp the wood on the table, conveyor, or carriage. They operate the machines or observe their operation. They adjust speed and clear jams if necessary.

Sawyers inspect the finished work pieces and estimate their grade or quality. Operators count, sort, and stack the finished lumber and clear the area of waste material.

Sawing machine operators run many different types of sawing machines. They are often responsible for maintaining the machines they operate.

Sawyers may unload and roll logs from trucks to sawmill decks or carriages. Some sawyers move logs in ponds using pike poles.

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