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Bus Drivers, School

Bus Drivers, School - Overview

School bus drivers transport elementary, middle, and high school students to and from school.

School bus drivers usually drive the same routes at the same time each day. They pick up students at their homes or nearby street corners and take them to school in the morning. In the afternoon, they pick up children from school and take them home. Some drivers take students and their teachers on field trips and to sporting events.

Bus drivers maintain order on their buses and enforce school safety rules. They follow local traffic rules. They must always be alert to prevent accidents while driving, especially in heavy traffic or in bad weather.

Bus drivers make trips comfortable by adjusting the heating and ventilation so that students are not too warm or cold. They take care not to jolt passengers with sudden stops.

School bus drivers submit reports every week. These reports list:

  • How many hours they worked
  • How much gas they used
  • How many miles they traveled that week

Bus drivers maintain their vehicles. They inspect the condition of their buses in the morning and maintain gas, oil, and other fluid levels. They may make minor repairs and report any malfunctions.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.