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Computer Chip Technicians

Computer Chip Technicians - Employment & Outlook

The table below provides information about the number of workers in this occupation in various regions. It also provides information about the expected growth rate and future job openings.


Major employers:

  • Semiconductor fabrication plants


Demand for this occupation is expected to show little to no change over the next several years. Companies are upgrading many of their manufacturing plants to be more automated, allowing them to sharply increase production with the same number of workers. A number of domestic companies also are building more plants overseas, where costs are lower. In addition, imports of semiconductors from non-US companies are on the rise and should continue to increase throughout the decade.

Competition for jobs is strong. Job prospects will be best for experienced workers with bachelor's degrees. Jobs will only be available in states with existing plants as no new plants are currently being built. Despite the decline, job openings will occur as current workers leave their jobs.

(CIS 100445)

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