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Automobile Tire Builders

Automobile Tire Builders - Overview

Tire building machine operators run machines that make tires.

Tire building machine operators use several materials to make tires including:

  • Rubber
  • Fabric
  • Steel wire

To set up machines, operators use hand tools and gauges to set the proper distance between the rollers and the drum. They begin by attaching the rubber to a drum. To form the tire body, operators wind the plies, or layers of rubber, around the drum.

A layer of fabric is attached over the rubber. Operators attached a metal bead over the fabric. Finally, operators add steel belts and the tread. They bond the tread to the other layers of rubber by operating rollers that press the parts together as the drum revolves. When the tire is built, operators collapse the drum.

Operators monitor machines and make adjustments when necessary.

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