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Automobile Tire Builders

Automobile Tire Builders - Wages & Trends

Wages vary by employer and area of the country. The operator's level of experience and responsibility also affect wages. In addition, operators who work night shifts earn more than those who work day shifts.

Tire building machine operators who work full time usually receive benefits. Typical benefits include paid vacation days, holidays, and sick leave. Operators may also receive life and health insurance.

Tire builders (SOC 51-9197)
Pay Period
Illinois Hourly $15.46 $18.19 $25.39
Yearly $32,165 $37,826 $52,818
    Cook County Hourly $13.33 $16.46 $19.02
Yearly $27,726 $34,242 $39,559
United States Hourly $16.71 $22.12 $27.03
Yearly $34,760 $46,010 $56,230

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.