Cargo and Freight Agents

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Cargo and Freight Agents

Cargo and Freight Agents - Overview

Transportation agents coordinate the movement of freight, mail, baggage, and passengers at airports.

Transportation agents arrange shipping for cargo on airplanes. They accept freight from shippers and complete the paper work for shipment. They use computers and scanners to track and record shipments.

Transportation agents record crew names, passengers, flight numbers, and the amount of baggage and freight on a flight. They position ramps for boarding passengers and loading freight on the airplane. They check passenger boarding tickets.

Agents also check imports and exports for tax purposes. They load and unload freight and baggage, or supervise the loading.

After the loading of the airplane is complete, transportation agents verify the passenger and cargo load with the aircraft crew. They send a copy of the flight's contents to the destination airport. They also track shipments in progress.

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