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Solderers - Overview

Welders and solderers use heat to permanently join pieces of metal.

Welders work from drawings or detailed work orders. They decide the best way to repair or join metal parts.

Welders use welding equipment such as arc, gas, and flame torches. Solderers generally use soldering irons.

Welders position and secure the work piece. They may use a hoist or crane to move large pieces or hand tools to clamp small pieces into place. Once the pieces are positioned, welders use tools or chemical cleaners to clean the surface of metal pieces. They connect hoses or nozzles, and ignite the torch or start the power supply. They adjust valves to regulate the flow of gas and air.

Welders and solderers also repair broken or cracked metal parts. They sometimes fill holes and seams in metal products. When the job is complete, they chip or grind off excess weld or solder, using hand or power tools.

Welders and solderers examine their work to be sure it meets requirements. They clean all equipment parts using a variety of cleaning solutions and chemicals.

Welders and solderers help build products and structures such as:

  • Aircraft
  • Automobiles
  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Ships

Some welders and solderers braze and solder electronics and other small equipment.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.