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Soldering Machine Operators

Soldering Machine Operators - Overview

Welding and soldering machine operators run machines that weld pieces of metal together.

Welding and soldering machine operators begin their work by reading blueprints or work orders. They set up the machines by adjusting attachments and setting controls. They often program settings into machines. They often do test runs to make sure everything is working properly.

Machine operators add solutions to cool the work piece or help the metal bond more easily. They lay out and fit together pieces before they are welded together. They sometimes load or feed the work piece into the machine. Some operators control robots that prepare and load work pieces automatically.

Operators monitor the machine to be sure it produces the desired welds or bonds. If there are problems, they adjust controls or stop the machine and open the holding device. When a product is finished, they inspect, test, or measure it to be sure it meets requirements.

Many operators clean and lubricate their machines. They adjust and maintain the equipment to be sure it works properly. They work with other operators or workers to set up machines.

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