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Medical Sonographers

Medical Sonographers - Overview

Medical sonographers use ultrasound equipment to examine and test areas of a patient's body.

Doctors tell sonographers which part of the body to ultrasound. The images created by the ultrasound help doctors diagnose and treat patients' illnesses and injuries.

Medical sonographers work with patients before and during ultrasounds. They review patient medical histories and previous test results. They explain to patients how the procedure works and answer any questions.

Sonographers position each patient on an examination table and make sure they are comfortable. For most procedures, they spread a gel on the patient's skin to transmit the sound waves.

Sonographers use a transducer on the skin to get a good image. They frequently examine blood flow and internal organs. They may also check for fluid build ups and to see a fetus in the womb. The images are recorded for physicians and other health care workers to review.

When an examination is finished, sonographers write their findings in a report or discuss it with a physician.

Sonographers may schedule appointments and maintain files. They regularly clean and maintain their equipment and keep supplies in stock. They may also perform minor repairs. Experienced sonographers may supervise other sonographers or train students.

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