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Computer Systems Administrators

Computer Systems Administrators - Overview

Computer systems administrators design, install, and support an organization's computer system.

Computer systems administrators monitor and maintain computer systems and networks. They plan, coordinate, and direct the computer-related activities of an organization. They make sure all parts of a computer system work to meet the organization's goals. They talk to management and staff to determine their computer needs. They research ways to improve the system or develop a new one.

Computer systems administrators may direct the work of other computer specialists such as analysts, programmers, and technicians. They help and work with a variety of people within an organization.

Computer systems administrators make sure individual computer stations, printers, and other equipment link to the main server. They adjust hardware to better meet user needs. They keep the computer system safe from outside viruses or from hackers by selecting and installing firewalls. They perform data backups and disaster recovery if data is lost.

Computer system administrators provide daily support for software users. They may train people how to use software or help troubleshoot problems. They research new software that the organization can use, or make adjustments to current software so it is more efficient.

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