Automotive Electronics Installers

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Automotive Electronics Installers

Automotive Electronics Installers - Overview

Automotive electronics installers set up and repair sound, security, and navigation components in vehicles.

Vehicles contain many electronic components, including:

  • Stereo systems
  • Mobile device connections
  • Keyless lock systems
  • GPS navigation equipment
  • DVD players

Automotive electronics installers talk to customers to find out what they need. If the customer has not already purchased their electronic equipment, installers make recommendations about buying equipment.

Installers must remove the seats, carpeting, and inside padding to make room for wiring and some of the equipment. Wires and cables are run through the vehicle. Sometimes installers have to split and splice the wires. They use power tools, drills, and pliers.

Installers sometimes must build enclosures to house larger items such as woofers and speakers. When everything is installed properly, installers replace the seats, carpeting, padding, or anything else they may have taken out.

Installers also repair electronic equipment. They use a variety of tools to diagnose and test problems. Sometimes cleaning is all that is needed, but often additional repairs are necessary.

Installers keep records of their installations and repairs.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.