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Web Developers - Overview

Web developers design and create web pages. Clients include companies, organizations, and individuals.

Developers talk to clients to find out what they need. They take into consideration the website's audience and purpose. Some websites provide information to a limited audience while other's sell products to a wide audience. Some websites are very simple and others connect to complex databases.

Web developers create the overall look of a site. They integrate graphics and colors.

They may write the code for websites. Websites use several different types of code and programming language. Most developers know several programming languages but some specialize in one language. They make sure that everything works together seamlessly. They ensure that websites work well on different types of computers (PC or Mac) and on different types of browsers.

Web developers protect websites from hackers and other security threats. They often work with network administrators to make sure websites work well. They make sure that websites are backed up in case data is lost. They fix problems with websites. They usually learn of problems through clients or through users who may call or e-mail about an error message.

Developers are constantly working to keep their skills up to date. They do this by attending conferences, workshops, and trainings. They also read journals and magazines (in print or online) to find out the latest trends and updates in programming and design.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.