Manufacturing Engineering Technologists

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Manufacturing Engineering Technologists

Manufacturing Engineering Technologists - Overview

Manufacturing engineering technologists work with engineers to make manufacturing processes run smoothly.

Manufacturing engineering technologists help develop tools and improve equipment used in the manufacturing process. In order to do this they:

  • Analyze plans
  • Set up tools and equipment in factories
  • Plan workflows
  • Analyze production costs

Manufacturing engineering technologists use computer-aided drafting software (CAD) to prepare images, layouts, and sample blueprints. They set up equipment and tools in factories. They make adjustments to equipment, tools, or operations as needed.

Some manufacturing technologists program computed-numerically-controlled (CNC) machines. They look for ways to cut waste, costs, or energy use.

Technologists observe workers to make sure they use equipment correctly and efficiently. They also make sure that equipment is maintained according to standards. Some technologists plan schedules, order equipment, and ensure workers follow safety rules.

In older factories, manufacturing technologists look for ways to use less electricity and reduce harmful pollution.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.