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Manufacturing Production Technicians

Manufacturing Production Technicians - Overview

Manufacturing production technicians set up, test, and adjust manufacturing machinery and equipment.

Manufacturing production technicians are supervised by production managers and manufacturing engineers. They assist managers in developing, building, and testing new processes for manufacturing.

They install new equipment and make sure it is set up according to standards and that standard operating procedures are followed. Production technicians make sure that all health, safety, and environmental regulations are followed.

After equipment is set up, technicians calibrate and adjust the equipment so that it runs efficiently and safely.

Technicians provide training to other technicians on how to use equipment. They write production documents such as standard operating procedures. They make sure workers meet production quotas.

Production technicians inspect finished products to make sure they meet quality standards. They also ensure the production line follows the rules for safety and environmental impact. They may write inventory and productivity reports. They also keep manufacturing batch records.

When needed, technicians move equipment or set up new machines.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.