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Transportation Security Screeners

Transportation Security Screeners - Overview

Transportation security screeners inspect airline passengers and their baggage. They ask questions, perform searches, and guide passengers through security checkpoints.

Transportation security screeners work at air, rail, and sea terminals. They check boarding passes before passengers go through security checkpoints. They may ask passengers questions about their identity and the purpose of their travel. They run bags, clothing, and other items through scanning machines. They direct passengers through screening machines. They randomly select passengers and baggage for more thorough searches.

Transportation security screeners may do pat-down searches if a passenger sets off an alarm. They follow a number of safety protocols in the event of an alarm. They isolate the suspicious person or baggage. They may close off an area of the airport until it can be thoroughly inspected, and redirect other passengers until the area is reopened. They may physically apprehend suspects.

Transportation security screeners answer passenger questions and help direct them to the next security checkpoint or destination.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.