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Geothermal Technicians

Geothermal Technicians - Overview

Geothermal technicians install and repair geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Geothermal power uses heat generated by the Earth's core to provide energy. In geothermal plants, steam and hot water is used to generate electricity.

Geothermal technicians install, maintain, and repair geothermal systems at power plants and other sites. Technicians inspect and test sites to determine the amount of heat available. They check the water for flow strength and for toxic materials. They decide on the best system and equipment to provide heating and cooling.

After installation, technicians test the system by filling and draining the system with water. They make sure that all controls, switches, gauges, and transmitters are working properly.

After installation is complete, technicians test, troubleshoot, and maintain instruments and controls. They also calibrate and repair equipment when necessary.

During operation, technicians monitor instruments and gauges to be sure the plant is working correctly. They make adjustments as needed. They keep logs of maintenance and repairs. To prevent corrosion, technicians regularly apply sealants to geothermal equipment and structures.

Since the heat emitted from the earth changes, technicians collect data to spot trends. This helps maintain consistent power production.

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