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Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind Turbine Technicians - Employment & Outlook

The table below provides information about the number of workers in this occupation in various regions. It also provides information about the expected growth rate and future job openings.


About 14% of wind turbine technicians are self-employed.

Major employers:

  • Commercial and industrial repair and maintenance companies
  • Electric power companies
  • Utility companies


Demand for this occupation will be very strong. However, it is still a small occupation and very few jobs will be created. Wind energy is becoming more competitive with coal and natural gas as a source of energy. As more wind turbines are built demand will grow.

Job prospects are best for technicians with formal training. They are also better in areas such as coastal regions and the Midwest where wind is more prevalent. Some areas have reported a shortage of workers.

(CIS 100570)

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