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Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind Turbine Technicians - Overview

Wind turbine technicians assemble, maintain, and repair wind turbines used in energy generation.

Wind turbine technicians build and keep wind turbine machines running properly. They do preventative maintenance. They troubleshoot problems and do repairs.

Each turbine tower needs regular maintenance. During maintenance, technicians check moving parts and repair and replace malfunctioning parts and equipment. They change filters and oil levels. They maintain electrical motors, hydraulics, transmissions, and drives.

Technicians monitor computers to test and maintain turbines. Each turbine has two computers, one at the base and one at the top. Technicians climb a series of ladders to reach the top of the tower about 200 feet off the ground.

Technicians get inside the turbine and inspect the gears, motor, and generator. They clean oil and grease that has dripped off the equipment.

Outside, the turbine technicians make sure all of instruments are secure and the fiberglass top is in working order and not damaged. Teamwork is important for technicians since usually two or more work together, and safety and a smooth-running work environment are critical. They maintain all tools and safety equipment.

Many technicians travel throughout the US to work on wind farms. Some travel and work on wind turbines in foreign countries.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.