Computer Network Architects

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Computer Network Architects

Computer Network Architects - Overview

Computer network architects set up, design, and secure computer networks.

Computer network architects set up security systems for computer networks. They install firewall software and perform network security audits to make sure the network is safe. They maintain networks by adding, deleting, and backing up files from the network. 

Computer network architects do research to keep up to date with current technology. They adjust the size of networks to match storage demands and create records and diagrams of their work. If there are problems in the network, they find solutions and create action plans. They estimate time and materials needed for network projects.

They also work on developing network systems that are: 

  • Conceptual
  • Logical
  • Physical

Computer network architects also maintain hardware and software requirements such as:

  • Platforms
  • Interfaces
  • Bandwidths
  • Routine schemas
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