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Bicycle Mechanics and Repair - Overview


Programs in bicycle mechanics and repair prepare people to maintain bicycles. Students learn how to lubricate bicycles and adjust their moving parts. They also learn to align wheels, fix tires, and take care of other types of human-powered vehicles.

Americans are often amazed to see the streets of Peking or Amsterdam at rush hour, when swarms of bicycles go whizzing by. The U.S. does not seem to be ready to follow this trend in workday transportation. But as a leisure and sporting activity, bicycling is growing rapidly on these shores. And the technology is complex enough for many cyclists to need help making repairs.

You can learn bicycle mechanics and repair at a small number of specialized schools. Many of the training programs take two weeks or less. You can also find one-day workshops that cover a limited set of topics, such as truing a wheel.

Another way to learn this trade is to get on-the-job training at a bicycle shop. You will probably start by assembling and adjusting bikes as they come out of the shipping crate from the manufacturer, and fixing flat tires. Over time you will learn the more complicated repair procedures. You may also learn how to apply the principles you have learned to scooter repairs.

Once you have become skilled, you may work in a bicycle shop or open one of your own. You may choose to specialize in servicing racing bikes and may work in the pit crew of a competitive team. Or you may branch out into sales for a manufacturer.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.
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