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Security Studies - Overview


Security studies programs prepare people to inspect, patrol, and provide crime prevention measures for private clients. Students learn how to protect people and keep them safe. They also learn to protect property such as homes and businesses.

After the events of September 11, 2001, the old saying "It's better to be safe than sorry" rings truer than ever. As a result, there is an increased need for security professionals. People have always wanted to feel safe at home. Now, there are new concerns for safety at places like shopping malls, downtown centers, and parks.

You can become a security professional (most often, a security officer) by going to a two-year program offered at a community college. Typically your degree will be in criminal justice with a concentration in security. However, only about 10 programs offer separate degrees in security studies.

In these programs, you study how to maintain law and order, protect life and property, and keep people and businesses safe. You take courses in information security, criminal justice, and loss prevention. You learn about different security systems, such as alarms, fences, and other protective devices. You study how to prevent theft – of information, valuables, and in the case of kidnapping, people. In addition, you learn the different security needs of individuals, private homes, businesses, and other public places. You also learn how to work with police and other law enforcement professionals.

With a degree in security studies, you can work as a security officer at hospitals, airports, and at other high-traffic places. This is in addition to homes and businesses.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.
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