Highland Community College

2998 West Pearl City Road
Freeport, IL 61032

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Feature Note
Main telephone 815-235-6121
Feature Note
Educational system Illinois Community College Board
Public or private Public
Type of school 2-year college
Date founded 1962
Degrees offered Certificate or diploma, Associate
School accreditation North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
Setting Small town-rural area (not within commuting distance of a large city)
Campus size 240 acres
County Stephenson
Feature Note
Number of full time, freshmen men 100
Number of full time, freshmen women 106
Total number of full time freshmen 206
Number of part time, freshmen men 24
Number of part time, freshmen women 36
Total number of part time freshmen 60
Total number of freshmen men 124
Total number of freshmen women 142
Total number of freshmen 266
Number of full time, undergraduate men 358
Number of full time, undergraduate women 470
Total number of full time undergraduates 828
Number of part time, undergraduate men 294
Number of part time, undergraduate women 556
Total number of part time undergraduates 850
Total number of undergraduate males 652
Total number of undergraduate females 1,026
Total number of undergraduate students 1,678
Total enrollment 1,678
American Indian/Alaskan Native Less than 1%
Asian 1%
Black 7%
Hispanic 3%
White 81%
Race/ethnicity unknown 2%
These figures reflect responses of people who chose to indicate their racial-ethnic background. All categories except Hispanic represent non-Hispanic students. International students are not included in these figures so they may not add up to 100 percent.
Percentage of students from out of state 3%
Percentage of students from outside the US Less than 1%
Percentage of students 25 or older 30%
Feature Note
Tuition year 2020-2021
Full time costs are based on x units per year 30 credits
In-state tuition $244
Out-of-state tuition $9,540
Fees $1,230
Board and transportation (live with parents) $4,526
Academic program/major Yes
Installment plan (you can pay tuition in several payments over the course of the term) Yes
School employees and their children Yes
Senior citizens Yes
Undergraduate costs are for ... (Costs are for the 2020-2021 academic year. Full-time costs are based on 30 credits per year.)
Feature Note
Financial aid contact person Kathy Bangasser
Financial aid contact title Director of Financial Aid
Financial aid contact e-mail Email
Financial aid phone 815-599-3486
Financial aid office website Find more information on this website
Scholarship list website Find more information on this website
Submit these forms FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), school's financial aid form
School year financial aid data is from 2018-2019
Average financial aid package awarded to freshmen $5,589
For freshmen, percentage of need* met by aid package 29%
Average amount of financial aid awarded to freshmen
Loan $2,737
Scholarship or grant $5,177
Average financial aid package awarded to undergraduates (including freshmen) $6,065
For all undergraduates, percentage of need* met by aid package 32%
Average amount of financial aid awarded to undergraduates
Loan $3,120
Scholarship or grant $5,677
Work study $1,207
* "Need" as defined for financial aid results from a formula based on a student's situation. The formula considers family and student income, family size, unusual expenses, and the school's costs.
Number of freshmen who applied for aid 250
Number of freshmen who received aid 187
Number of undergraduates who applied for aid 630
Number of undergraduates who received aid 505
Federal PLUS loans (for parents) Yes
Federal Stafford loans (subsidized) Yes
Federal Stafford loans (unsubsidized) Yes
Need-based scholarships and grants
Federal Pell Grants Yes
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Yes
Privately-sponsored scholarships and grants Yes
State-sponsored scholarships and grants Yes
Student employment
Work study Yes
Non-proprietary financial aid data are from ... (Financial aid data are for the 2018-2019 academic year.)
Feature Note
Admissions contact person Jeremy Bradt
Admissions contact title Director, Enrollment and Records
Admissions contact e-mail Email
Electronic application website Find more information on this website
For incoming students Open (virtually all applicants are accepted)
Open admissions policy applies to Nursing
Groups or programs with a different entrance difficulty level Nursing, medical assistance programs
Entrance difficulty level for these groups Moderately difficult (about 85% of all applicants accepted)
Number of male applicants 370
Number of male applicants accepted 370
Number of male applicants who enrolled 124
Number of female applicants 285
Number of female applicants accepted 285
Number of female applicants who enrolled 142
Total number of applicants 655
Total number of applicants accepted 655
Total number of applicants who enrolled 266
High school education High school diploma required and GED accepted.
Fall* application deadline Continuous
Fall transfer application deadline Continuous
* Application dates for winter, spring, or summer term admission are likely to be different.
Online application available Find more information on this website
Submit these items:
High school transcript or GED certificate Recommended, but not required
Letters of recommendation (#) 1
Letters of recommendation Required for some students
Accepted students can defer admission for a period of time Yes
Early admissions (select high school students can enroll for college credit) Yes
American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations Yes
College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject Yes
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Yes
Age limit on courses to be transferred No limit
Percentage in top 50% of their high school class 47%
Percentage in top 25% 21%
Percentage in top 10% 7%
Letters of recommendation 1, required for some students
Feature Note
Certificate or diploma Yes
Associate Yes
Academic calendar Semesters
Number of faculty on campus 123
Student faculty ratio 15:1
Required number of credits for an associate degree 62 credit hours
All students must meet:
Core curriculum or school-wide requirements Yes
Internship requirement Depends on major
Math or science requirement Yes
Evenings Yes
On-line/distance learning Yes
Part time Yes
Summer school Yes
Honors program Yes
Student-designed major Yes
Advanced Placement Yes
Cooperative education Yes
External degree program (earn credits through options that require little or no classroom attendance) Yes
Independent study Yes
International Baccalaureate Yes
Internships Yes
Computers on campus for student use Yes (426)
Computer lab available to students Yes
Discount computer purchase plan available Yes
Online registration for classes Yes
Main library name Clarence Mitchell Library
Feature Note
National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Yes
Feature Note
Choral groups Yes
Drama or theater groups Yes
Newspaper Yes
Radio station Yes
TV station Yes
Largest clubs and organizations on campus Phi Theta Kappa, Royal Scots, Prairie Wind, Intramurals, Collegiate Choir
Feature Note
English as a Second Language (ESL) program Yes
Remedial education courses Yes
Psychological counseling Yes
Orientation Yes
Services for students with learning disabilities Yes
24-hour emergency phone and alarms on campus Yes
Campus patrolled by trained security personnel Yes
Feature Note
Career counseling Yes
Career interest testing Yes
Career library Yes
Job bank Yes
Job fairs Yes
Job interview preparation Yes
On campus recruitment by employers Yes
Résumé preparation assistance Yes
Other career services Career Seminar Course, Career Cruising Software
Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security. If you have questions or concerns about the information displaying please contact Illinois Career Information System.