Knowledge Systems Institute

3420 Main Street
Skokie, IL 60076

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Feature Note
Main telephone 847.679.3135
Contact person name Judy Chang
Contact person title CFO
Contact person e-mail Email
Contact person phone 847.679.3135
Feature Note
Public or private Private
Type of school Graduate only
Date founded 1978
School accreditation Illinois Board of Higher Education
Setting Suburban (within commuting distance of a large city)
Population of city the school is in 63,000
County Cook
School visit availability By appointment
Contact to set up school visit Office Manager
Additional information Email
Feature Note
Asian 5%
Black 2%
Hispanic 2%
White 18%
Race/ethnicity unknown 73%
These figures reflect responses of people who chose to indicate their racial-ethnic background. All categories except Hispanic represent non-Hispanic students. International students are not included in these figures so they may not add up to 100 percent.
Feature Note
Tuition refund policy Students have four (4) days to request a refund
once the program has begun.
Feature Note
Admissions office website Find more information on this website
Electronic application website Find more information on this website
Feature Note
Pre-certification training Yes
School catalog website Find more information on this website
To get a catalog Find more information on this website
Feature Note
Academic advising Yes
Tutoring Yes
Low-cost health insurance Yes
Tutors Yes
Feature Note
Placement assistance Yes
Feature Note
Grad admissions contact person Olivia Pera
Grad admissions contact title Office Manager
Grad admissions contact phone (local) 847.679.3135
Tuition year 2015-2016
Other grad cost information Find more information on this website
Application deadline 4 weeks prior to semester
Application fee $50
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