International Career Institute

6425 North Hamlin Avenue
Lincolnwood, IL 60712

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Feature Note
Main telephone 847.929.6129
Contact person name Sheila Ferrer-Estor
Contact person title Administrator
Contact person e-mail Email
Contact person phone 847.929.6129
Feature Note
Public or private Private
Type of school Allied Health, Nursing
Date founded 2008
Specialized accreditation Illinois Department of Public Health, National Healthcareer Association
Specialized licensure Illinois Department of Public Health
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act eligible training provider Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program
Patient Care Technician Training Program
Setting Suburban (within commuting distance of a large city)
Closest major metropolitan area Chicago
Population of city the school is in 12,359
Distance from campus to city center 2 miles
Public transportation to campus Public transportation is accessible from McCormick Avenue and Lincoln Avenue as well as Peterson Avenue and Pulaski Avenue.
Student parking on campus Parking is free
Campus size 10,000
County Cook
Visitor information website Find more information on this website
School visit availability Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Contact to set up school visit Sheila Ferrer-Estor
Phone: 847.929.6129
Fax: 888.857.4929
Feature Note
Number of full time, male students 9
Number of full time, female students 56
Total number of full time students 65
Total number of male students 9
Total number of female students 56
Total number of students 65
American Indian/Alaskan Native 0%
Asian 20%
Black 20%
Hispanic 20%
White 35%
Race/ethnicity unknown 0%
These figures reflect responses of people who chose to indicate their racial-ethnic background. All categories except Hispanic represent non-Hispanic students. International students are not included in these figures so they may not add up to 100 percent.
Percentage of students from out of state 0%
Number of states and territories represented 0
Other out-of-state student information 0
Percentage of students from outside the US 0%
Number of countries represented 0
Other international student information 0
Percentage of students 25 or older 70%
Feature Note
Costs (for proprietary schools) Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program: $1151.00
Patient Care Technician Training Program: $4479.00
Phlebotomy: $2207.00
EKG Technician Training Program: $1217.00

Tuition refund policy Student registration, application, payment plan and laboratory fees and identification card are not refundable. Under the law, you have the right, among others, to pay the full amount due and to obtain under certain conditions a partial refund of the finance charges.

Any student applying for a class that is discontinued by the school shall receive a complete refund of all fees and/or tuition paid. It is the policy of International Career Institute (ICI) to issue refunds of tuition and fees in a prompt manner. Students should give written notification to ICI (in person, by postal or electronic mail) of their intention to withdraw from a program. ICI requires written notification of withdrawal as a condition for making refunds.

Should the student’s enrollment be terminated, or should the student withdraw for any reason, regardless of actual attendance in the course/program or time of access of any online classes/resources, all refunds will be made according to the following refund schedule:
Based on date of enrollment, if cancellation is made within Student is entitled to get back
0 to 2.9 calendar days 50% of course tuition fee
3 to 6.9 calendar days 20% of course tuition fee
More than 7 days 0% of course tuition fee

Such tuition reimbursement schedule will also apply to any and all installment payment plan arrangements. ICI has the right to collect any amount due after the cancellation has been made according to the above tuition reimbursement schedule. Unpaid payment plan accounts may be sent to an outside collection agency. The student will be responsible for any collection costs and attorney’s fees associated with the collection of the account.

Cancellation Policy. The student has the right to cancel the initial enrollment agreement until midnight of the third calendar day after the student has been enrolled into the program. If the right to cancel is not given to any student at the time the agreement is signed, then the student has the right to cancel the agreement at any time and receive a refund on all monies paid to date within 10 days of cancellation. Cancellation should be submitted to the authorized official of the school in writing.

Withdrawal Procedure. All notifications of withdrawal must be in writing. If no notification of withdrawal is received, and a student has had an unexplained absence of more than fifteen (15) consecutive class days, ICI shall consider the student to have withdrawn from the program. In all cases, the date of withdrawal shall be fifteen (15) days after the last day of attendance. Refunds shall be made within 30 days after the written notification of withdrawal has been received by the institution. No refunds will be made without written notice of withdrawal.

Deferment plan (you can pay part of your tuition at the start of the term and the rest at the end of the term) Yes
Installment plan (you can pay tuition in several payments over the course of the term) Yes
Tuition guarantee (you aren't affected by tuition increases; the tuition you pay your first year is the amount you pay all years) Yes
Other tuition payment plan information Find more information on this website
Feature Note
Institution loans (from the school) Yes
Need-based scholarships and grants
Privately-sponsored scholarships and grants Yes
State-sponsored scholarships and grants Yes
Feature Note
Admissions contact person Sheila Ferrer-Estor
Admissions contact title Director of Admission & Allied Health
Admissions contact e-mail Email
Admissions phone (local) 847.929.6129
Admissions office website Find more information on this website
For incoming students Minimally difficult (about 95% of applicants accepted)
Number of male applicants 12
Number of male applicants accepted 10
Number of male applicants who enrolled 10
Number of female applicants 60
Number of female applicants accepted 55
Number of female applicants who enrolled 55
Total number of applicants 72
Total number of applicants accepted 65
Total number of applicants who enrolled 65
High school education High school diploma required and GED accepted.
Postsecondary education EKG Technician Training Program - requires certification in any nursing or allied health career
Admission is available Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Application deadline continuous
Application fee $75
Submit these items:
Application Required for all students
College transcript Recommended, but not required
High school transcript or GED certificate Required for all students
Interview Recommended, but not required
Letters of recommendation (#) 3
Other application materials Required for some students
Other application requirements information Patient Care Technician Training Program students must submit copy of Student Professional Liability Insurance and Influenza vaccination record
Required exams TABE English
Other information about exams Equivalent admission exams - SAT, ACT, TEAS, TOEFL
Average GPA (on 4.0 scale) not available
Letters of recommendation 3
Feature Note
Certificate or diploma Yes
To get a catalog Sheila Ferrer-Estor
Academic calendar Quarters
Grading system Letter grades
Number of faculty on campus 5
Average class size
Lecture 30
Laboratory 15
Discussion 30
Evenings Yes
Part time Yes
Weekends Yes
Computers on campus for student use Yes
Computer lab available to students Yes
Online registration for classes Yes
Feature Note
Housing contact person Sheila Ferrer-Estor
Housing contact title Administrator
Housing contact e-mail Email
Housing phone 847.929.6129
Feature Note
Academic advising Yes
Remedial education courses Yes
Tutoring Yes
Other information about academic services Practical Nursing review session to prep for board exam
Student lounge Yes
Disabilities contact person Sheila Ferrer-Estor
Disabilities contact title Administrator
Disabilities contact e-mail Email
Disabilities contact phone 847.929.6129
Number of students with a disability served in a recent year 2
Services for students with learning disabilities Yes
Disabilities services other Testing accommodations
Low-income students Yes
Minorities Yes
24-hour emergency phone and alarms on campus Yes
Feature Note
Career contact person Mark Figueroa
Career contact title President
Career contact e-mail address Email
Career contact phone 847.929.6129
Had a full-time job offer within six months of graduation 75%
Was counseled by the career services office yes
Alumni networking and mentoring Yes
Career counseling Yes
Job fairs Yes
Job interview preparation Yes
On campus recruitment by employers Yes
Placement assistance Yes
Résumé preparation assistance Yes
Résumé referral to employers Yes
Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security. If you have questions or concerns about the information displaying please contact Illinois Career Information System.