Real Estate Education Center

350 South Rohlwing Road
2nd Floor
Addison, IL 60101

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Main telephone 630.627.0101
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Contact person name Laurie MacDougal
Contact person e-mail Email
Contact person phone 312.427.6666 ext. 12
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Public or private Private
Type of school Vocational
Degrees offered Certificate
School accreditation Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
Setting Urban (in a large city)
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Costs (for proprietary schools) Broker Courses
Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing Program (90-Hours): $499
Broker Post Licensing Program (30-Hours): $225
Residential Leasing Agent (15-Hours): $195 (Classroom): $230
Residential Leasing Agent Continuing Education (6-Hours): $55
SAFE 20-Hour Comprehensive Loan Originator Course: $329
MLO Continuing Education (8-Hours): $129
Leasing Agents Continuing Education Courses (6-Hours): $55

Managing Broker Courses
Managing Broker Pre-License (45-Hours): $325 (Online): $350
Managing Broker Continuing Education: (includes the 6 Hrs or 12 Hrs and the 12 Hour Broker Management Course)
12 Hour Broker Management Class: $199
24 Hour Package including all courses: $279

Appraisal Licensing & Certification
Associate Real Estate Trainee Appraiser (75-Hours): $1,195
Certified Residential Appraiser (200 Hours): $2,875
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Certificate or diploma Yes
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