Visible Music College

3404 Lake Street
Lansing, IL 60438

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Main telephone 708.455.1414
Request more information Email
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Public or private Private
Type of school 4-year college
Date founded 2014
Degrees offered Bachelor degree
School accreditation Approved by Illinois Board of Higher Education
Setting Suburban (within commuting distance of a large city)
Closest major metropolitan area Chicago
Population of city the school is in 28,508
County Cook
Feature Note
Tuition year 2017-2018
Full time costs are based on x units per year 30 credits
In-state tuition $19,500
Out-of-state tuition $19,500
Room and board (live on campus)* $5,000
* Room and board costs may vary by housing facility and number of meals in meal plan
Tuition refund policy Find more information on this website
Installment plan (you can pay tuition in several payments over the course of the term) Yes
Other tuition payment plan information $50 fee for payment plan (2 payments) & $100 fee for payment plan (3 payments)
Undergraduate costs are for ... (Costs are for the 2017-2018 academic year. Full-time costs are based on 30 credits per year.)
Feature Note
Financial aid contact person Cynthia Brown
Financial aid contact title Financial Aid Manager
Financial aid contact e-mail
Financial aid phone 901.381.3939 ext. 224
Financial aid office website Find more information on this website
Scholarship list website Find more information on this website
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School catalog website Find more information on this website
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