Building & Fire Code Academy

2420 Vantage Drive
Elgin, IL 60124

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Main telephone 847.428.2951
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Contact person name Colette Phifer
Contact person title Training Coordinator
Contact person e-mail Email
Contact person phone 847.428.2951
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Public or private Private
Type of school Vocational
Date founded 2001
Degrees offered Certificates
School accreditation Approved by Illinois Board of Higher Education,
International Association for Continuing Education and Training
Specialized licensure International Code Compliance
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act eligible training provider Kane County Workforce
Setting Suburban (within commuting distance of a large city)
Closest major metropolitan area Chicago
Population of city the school is in 113,900
Distance from campus to city center 5 miles
Public transportation to campus Pace Bus with 3 mils away
Student parking on campus Free parking
Campus size 30,000 sq. ft. building
County Kane
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Total number of students 2,860
Percentage of students 25 or older 65%
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Costs (for proprietary schools) Plumbing Apprenticeship Program: $650/semester
Code Enforcement: $15,500

Vocational Certificate Programs:
Residential Inspector-Single Discipline: $3565.00
Residential Inspector-Multiple Discipline: $4265.00
Property Maintenance Inspector: $3117
Permit Technician: $2930
Commercial Mechanical Inspector: $3482
Commercial Building Inspector: $3787
Tuition refund policy If a student does not begin classes, and tuition and fees have been collected, a refund of all monies paid shall be made within thirty (30) days of the start of the program and an amount not more than $150 may be retained for application and recruiting costs.

1) If a notice of withdrawal is given after the first day of classes but prior to the end of 5% of the program, Building & Fire Code Academy may retain the application/registration fee, an amount not to exceed 10% of the tuition and other instructional charges or $300, whichever is less, and the cost of any books or materials which have been provided by Building & Fire Code Academy.
2) When a student has completed in excess of 5% of the course of instruction Building & Fire Code Academy may retain the application/registration fee but shall retain an amount computed pro-rata by days in class plus 10% of tuition and other instructional charges up to completion of 60% of course of instruction.
3) When a student has completed an excess of 60% of a course of instruction, Building & Fire Code Academy may retain the application/registration fee and the entire tuition and other charges.
4) The refund policy for short courses up to 20 clock hours shall refund pro rata up to 60% of the course of instruction.

When a student enrolls in a program lasting longer than 12 months and withdraws during the first 12 months, the refund formula shall be based on tuition owed for 12 months. Building & Fire Code Academy shall refund 100% of any tuition collected for the obligation beyond the 12 months. The refund policy for short courses up to 20 clock hours shall refund pro rata up to 60% completion of the course.

Tuition Reimbursement Scale/Cancellation Policy/Withdrawal Procedure
1) Student application and registration fee is not refundable.
2) Any student applying for a program that is discontinued by the Academy shall receive a complete refund of all fees and/or tuition paid, including the application/registration fee. It is the policy of Building & Fire Code Academy to issue refunds in a prompt manner. To expedite the refund process, students should give written notification to Building & Fire Code Academy (in person or by registered mail) of their intention to withdraw from a program. However, written notification of withdrawal as a condition for making refunds is not mandatory.
3) If no notification of withdrawal is received and a student has had an unexplained absence of five (5) or more consecutive class days, Building & Fire Code Academy shall consider the student to have withdrawn from the program. In all cases, the date of withdrawal shall be the last day of attendance.
4) Refunds shall be made within 30 days of the last day of the attendance if written notification has been provided to the institution by the student; otherwise, refunds shall be made within 30 days from the date the institution terminates the student or determines that the student has withdrawn. Determination that a student has withdrawn shall be made within 30 days of the last day of attendance; Building & Fire Code Academy shall provide written acknowledgment of a student’s notification of withdrawal within fifteen (15) calendar days of the postmark date of the notification of withdrawal.
5) In all instances, refunds shall be based on and computed from the last day of attendance.
6) Any unused portion of a book fee shall be refunded
Deferment plan (you can pay part of your tuition at the start of the term and the rest at the end of the term) Yes
Pre-payment plan (if you pay your entire tuition when you enroll, you don't have to pay higher prices if tuition increases) Yes
Tuition guarantee (you aren't affected by tuition increases; the tuition you pay your first year is the amount you pay all years) Yes
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Veteran's benefits
Veteran's benefits, such as the GI Bill, are honored Yes
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Admissions contact person Colette Phifer
Admissions contact title Training Coordinator
Admissions contact e-mail Email
Admissions phone (local) 847.428.2951
High school education High school diploma required and GED accepted.
Application fee $25
Other information about exams Required Certifications from ICC
Admissions contact person #2 Donna Dillavou
Admissions contact title #2 Administrative Assistant
Admissions contact e-mail #2 Email
Admissions contact person #3 Patricia Jobst
Admissions contact title #3 Administrative Assistant
Admissions contact e-mail #3 Email
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Academic calendar Three terms per year
Grading system pass/fail
Number of faculty on campus 9
Average class size
Lecture 8
Evenings Yes
Short-term courses Yes
Online registration for classes Yes
Other computing info Testing rooms used for certification exams
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Housing contact person Colette Phifer
Housing contact title Training Coordinator
Housing contact e-mail Email
Housing phone 847.428.2951
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Academic advising Yes
Placement testing Yes
Accessibility contact person Colette Phifer
Accessibility contact title Training Coordinator
Accessibility contact e-mail Email
Accessibility contact phone 847.428.2951
Number of students with a disability served in a recent year 2
Barrier-free campus Yes
Designated parking Yes
Registration assistance Yes
Veterans Yes
24-hour emergency phone and alarms on campus Yes
Feature Note
Career contact person Wanda Piccolo
Career contact title Chief Executive Officer
Career contact e-mail address Email
Career contact phone 847.428.2951
Alumni networking and mentoring Yes
Career counseling Yes
Career interest testing Yes
Job interview preparation Yes
Placement assistance Yes
Résumé preparation assistance Yes
Résumé referral to employers Yes
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