Jersey Community Hospital EMS

400 Maple Summit Road
PO Box 426
Jerseyville, IL 62052

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Feature Note
Main telephone 618.498.8449
Request more information Email
Other sites Jersey Community Hospital
523 South Main Street
Carrollton, IL 62016
Ph: Phone: 217.942.3326

Jersey Community Hospital
106 South Water Street
Hardin, IL 62047
Ph: 618.576.9407
Contact person name Modell "Sonny" Renken
Contact person title EMS Coordinator
Contact person e-mail Email
Contact person phone 618.498.8449
Feature Note
Public or private Private
Type of school Allied Health
Date founded 1994
Degrees offered Certificate of completion, leading to licensure - EMS
School accreditation Approved by Illinois Department of Public Health
Setting Small town-rural area (not within commuting distance of a large city)
Population of city the school is in 8,500
County Jersey
Feature Note
Total number of students 25
Feature Note
Costs (for proprietary schools) Varies depending on program
Pre-payment plan (if you pay your entire tuition when you enroll, you don't have to pay higher prices if tuition increases) Yes
Other tuition waiver information System personnel
Feature Note
Admissions contact person Modell Renken
Admissions contact title EMS Coordinator
Admissions contact e-mail Email
Admissions phone (local) 618.498.8449
Feature Note
Certificate or diploma Yes
Academic calendar Monthly
Evenings Yes
Computers on campus for student use Yes
Computer lab available to students Yes
Feature Note
Academic advising Yes
Reading and study skills courses Yes
Tutoring Yes
Disabilities contact person Modell Renken
Disabilities contact phone 618.498.8449
Interpreters for the deaf Yes
Learning aids Yes
Readers for the blind Yes
Registration assistance Yes
Tutors Yes
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