Phalanx Family Services

837 West 119th Street
Chicago, IL 60643

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Feature Note
Main telephone 773.291.1086
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Contact person name Laura Bailey
Contact person title Director of Operations
Contact person e-mail Email
Contact person phone 773.291.1086
Feature Note
Public or private Private
Type of school Healthcare - Basic Nursing Assistance
Food Service
Customer Service
Fork Lift
CDL - Truck Driving
Date founded 2002
Degrees offered Certificate of completion
School accreditation Approved by Illinois Board of Higher Education
Approved by Illinois Department of Public Health
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act eligible training provider Basic Nursing Assistance
Setting Urban (in a large city)
Population of city the school is in 2,853,114
Public transportation to campus Public transportation available
Student parking on campus There is a free student parking lot
Campus size 11,000 square feet
County Cook
Feature Note
Total number of students 5600
Other age of student information age 18 and older
Percentage of students 25 or older 60%
Feature Note
Costs (for proprietary schools) Basic Nursing Assistant Program: $935.50
(includes books, supplies, fees, & other misc. expenses)
Tuition refund policy Find more information on this website
Feature Note
Need-based scholarships and grants
Feature Note
Admissions contact person L. Bailey
Admissions contact title Director of Operations
Admissions contact e-mail Email
Admissions phone (local) 773.291.1086
High school education High school diploma required and GED accepted.
Admission is available Fall term, Winter term
Application deadline continuous
Submit these items:
High school transcript or GED certificate Required for some students
Interview Required for all students
Required exams TABE
Feature Note
Pre-certification training Yes
Pre-licensing training Yes
Certificate or diploma Yes
Academic calendar Quarters
Grading system Letter Grades
Number of faculty on campus 3
Average class size
Lecture 24
Laboratory 24
Discussion 24
Part time Yes
Computers on campus for student use Yes
Computer lab available to students Yes
Feature Note
Basic job skills Yes
Barrier-free campus Yes
Designated parking Yes
Low-income students Yes
Feature Note
Career counseling Yes
Job interviews Yes
Job interview preparation Yes
On campus recruitment by employers Yes
Placement assistance Yes
Résumé preparation assistance Yes
Résumé referral to employers Yes
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