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Apparel Designers

Apparel Designers - Overview

Fashion designers design clothes and accessories for manufacture and sale to the public.

Fashion designers read fashion magazines and attend shows to keep up on fashion trends. They consult with clients or supervisors to find out what types of designs are needed. They combine this information with their own taste to create designs.

Fashion designers make rough sketches of garments or accessories. They measure and draw pattern pieces to actual size on paper. They use these pieces to measure and cut pattern pieces in a sample fabric. Designers sew the pieces together and fit them on a model. They examine the sample garment and make changes until they get the effect they want. Some designers have assistants who cut and sew pattern pieces for them.

Designers often use computer-based drawing programs to create sketches and drawings. These programs allow designers to save drawings and easily change details.

Fashion designers work cooperatively with designers or manufacturing firms to show sample garments at sales meetings or fashion shows. When the designs are approved, they make final drawings. They also specify color scheme, sewing method, and type of fabric. In some companies, designers are involved in each step of production.

Some fashion designers are self-employed and design clothes for private clients. Others work for fashion houses or specialty stores. These designers create original designs but also follow trends. Most designers work for apparel manufacturers. They adapt fashion designs for the mass market.

Some designers work independently. They may be in charge of purchasing materials for designs as well as the designing itself. They may also decide how to price and market their work. Some designers do custom work for individuals, including certain stores or even TV shows and films.

Source: Illinois Career Information System (CIS) brought to you by Illinois Department of Employment Security.