Add Customer into Illinois workNet.

  1. Go to Customer list and select Add Customer 
  2. Enter required fields.
  3. If the customer does not have an exiting Illinois workNet account, an account will be created.

Detail Instructions: Add Customer

Complete the application with the customer.

  1. Go to the Intake Review tab.
  2. Email the application to the customer or complete it with them.
  3. Complete the application fields needed to determine eligibility. The fields include situations, education, work history and demographic information.
  4. Submit 

Detail Instructions: Completing the Customer Application

Complete customer eligibility.

  1. Complete Eligibility review.
  2. Collect eligibility documentation.
  3. Sign eligibility form.
  4. Select Enrollment Status  
  5. Save 
  6. Refer customer to the Local Workforce Area for co-enrollment through the IWDS system

Detail Instructions: Complete Eligibility review

Create a Career Plan (Individual Employment Plan)

  1. Add goals
  2. Enter services
  3. Update as needed

Detail Instructions: Create Career Plan

Submit quarterly reports.

Data in the system will be used to generate and submit quarterly reports for the program.