Welcome to the Customer Support Center (CSC)

Illinois workNet offers partners a wide range of employment and training tools through the Customer Support Center. The Customer Support Center allows a team of Illinois workNet partner staff to provide guidance to help customers reach their career, training, and employment goals.

Access/Set Up Groups

The first step in navigating the CSC is accessing your list of groups. From this list, you can access CSC Groups that you have been added to or create your own group. There are several types of CSC Groups and the intake process for getting customers into those groups varies. As a part of the intake process, customers agree to allow partners to view their work readiness information. CSC groups ensure partners access the proper tools and customer work readiness information.

Manage Partner/Staff Access

The User Account Management tools allow sites’ primary and secondary contacts to manage staff accounts for their site. Local Workforce Innovation Area (LWIA) coordinators and managers access to update staff accounts for their region. Partner with these roles can add new staff accounts and update existing account to partner account. They can also grant access levels (roles) and add them to groups.

Identify Worksite Placements

Partners can use the Worksite Placement tool to identify employers who are providing work-based learning experiences, the number of openings for those worksites, and actual worksite placements. The Worksite Placement tool is used to automatically populate the Career Plan steps/service so that you can pick a worksite. When the Career Plan is updated, it also updates the Worksite Placement tool. The payroll section allows partners to upload payroll information so they can view the payroll as a group as well as populate the customers individual account records.

Provide Guidance Using the Career Plan & Other Work Readiness Tools

The Career Plan Builder is a tool that partners can use with their customers to review assessment results; create goals based on assessment results, identify steps/services needed to achieve those goals; document current status and flags when intervention is needed. Customers can access their Career Plan view from their My Dashboard. The customer view incorporates other Illinois workNet tools such as the Resume Builder to prompt them to update their Resume with their accomplishments. It also includes job search tools, bookmarks, and articles.

View Outcomes & Run Reports

The Outcomes Page provides customer level summary of services, goals, measurable skills gains, credentials that are either started, completed, or earned. Reports are available to view services, worksite placements, and credentials for groups of customers.