1/8: Resume Writing Intro

A resume is required for most jobs. Employers will look at your resume to get a summary of your education and work experience. It is a critical document because it is used to decide if you will get an interview. It provides a first impression of your skills and abilities. That means it needs to be as perfect as possible. Writing your resume can be intimidating. That's why breaking it down into chunks can help make it easier to tackle.

Use Illinois workNet tools to write and update your resume:

2/8: Get Prepared to Write Your Resume

When you think writing a resume, you may think of sitting in front of your favorite word processor and typing away without any preparation. Unfortunately, this can be a major block on getting started. If you're staring at a blank page with no direction, it can be hard to form ideas. Here are a few steps to take before you even sit down at your computer. After you complete these steps, writing a resume should be much less intimidating.

3/8: Start Writing

Now that you've spent some time preparing and gathering your info, you're ready to start writing your resume! Here are some tips for taking that info and putting it into a document that impresses employers.

4/8: Customize Your Resume

It isn't enough to send the same resume for every job posting. Different companies and jobs have different wants and needs, so it's important adapt your resume to each one. Show that you understand their needs and that you are the right person for the job.

5/8: Prepare for an Interview

You've put the finishing touches on your resume. Now, you're ready to apply for some jobs! After you send off your application, your next step will be to prepare for an interview. You can do this in a handful of ways, but one of them is to start with your resume itself.

6/8: Resume Builder Tools

This article focuses on the Illinois workNet Resume Builder. This resume builder doesn’t stop at resumes, it covers every step of your job search and application process!

7/8: More Resources on Resume Writing

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8/8: More Social Media Resources for Individuals

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