1/7: Disability Employment Intro

Get started today to get on the path to reaching your career, training and employment goals.

Use Illinois workNet tools to locate disability services:

2/7: Find Available Benefits and Services

When you start working toward reaching your career, training, and employment goals, whether you are a transitioning youth or just re-entering the workforce, it is important to learn about the benefits and services available and where to go to get them.

3/7: Develop a Financial Management Plan

Once you discover all the benefits that are available to you, it is time to develop a financial management plan and take charge of your money. Sometimes the cost of living with a disability can be overwhelming and you can find yourself in debt. Use these resources to learn how to manage money if you are creating a budget or plan, needing help to get out of debt, or help saving and planning for your future.

4/7: Explore Career and Training Opportunities

When deciding on whether to enter the workforce it is important to think about what career you might be interested in. You want to be sure that you are going to be doing something that makes you happy. The first step in this process is to explore your skills and interests, along with looking at what you bring to a job as well as what you will need from a job.

5/7: Get Organized and Search for Jobs

Now that you know what career field you are interested in and have the skills needed to land the job, you are ready to start the job search process. It is important to know about job searching tools, creating a resume, networking, applying for a job, and interviewing. These things, along with the other steps you have taken, will help you achieve your career, training and employment goals.

6/7: Virtual Job Fair (VJF)

The Virtual Job Fair (VJF) tools are a new opportunity for Job Seekers to connect with employers who are hiring at no cost. Job seekers are able to view virtual job booths and learn more about the organization and available job openings as well as attend upcoming virtual events where they may communicate with the employer(s) directly.

7/7: More Resources for Disability Employment

For additional resources about disability and the workforce, click the buttons below.