1/8: Prepare to Find a Job Intro

With Illinois workNet, you can find job openings ranging from entry-level to technical professional across all types of industries and career fields. If your plan is to be self-employed, learn how to get started with your business plan and connect to online courses and business start-up services.

Use Illinois workNet tools to prepare to find a job:

2/8: Getting a Job Using Illinois workNet Course

The Getting a Job Using Illinois workNet Course is free to use and walks you through the process of getting a job and how to use the Resume Builder tool within Illinois workNet, including assessments, resumes and cover letters.

3/8: Organize Your Information

Your work history and experience can be entered in the Resume Builder for easy access when developing your resume. The personal information worksheet is another option.

4/8: Review Employability Skills

Look at the Job Skills Guide to see if you have the skills that employers need.

5/8: Review Digital Literacy Skills

These skills are used in everyday life and all industries and jobs. Different jobs required different skill levels. Look at this guide to see which skills you have that are important to employers.

6/8: List Your Job Skills

Use the Skills Assessment tool to organize where and when you have used or gained these skills. This information is helpful when you are putting together a new resume or customizing a resume. It is also helpful when you are preparing for an interview.

7/8: Prepare Your Resume

Use the Resume Builder Guide to create or prepare your resume.

8/8: More Resources for Preparing to Find a Job

For additional resources for preparing to find a job, click the buttons below.