1/10: Returning Citizens Intro

Re-entering society and a work setting can feel overwhelming, but if you are ready to make a change in your life for the better, this guide can be helpful. This Re-Entry Guide lays out what you will need to know and do to get back on your feet. It can be a difficult process, especially since some employers may view you differently than others who have not been through your experience. From what documents you will need to maintaining healthy relationships and career progress, this guide covers a wide range of topics. Throughout the guide, there are links to several organizations who can assist you along the way.

2/10: Preparing for Release

As you are preparing for being released, learn about the essentials you will need to keep in mind.

3/10: Important Personal Identification Documents

Read up on the documents you will need to have and their importance once you are released.

4/10: Local Resources to Help You Succeed

In addition to the Illinois workNet Service Finder that can search for organizations that assist returning citizens and individuals in need of aid for finances, food, housing, legal assistance, transportation, unemployment services, and much more. There are several organizations and programs that provide assistance.

5/10: Catch Up on Technology

Depending on your level of familiarity with technology, you may have to learn or re-learn skills that are important in everyday life from performing tasks and work to communicating with others and managing your finances. Luckily there are resources out there to set you in the right direction.

6/10: Top 5 Things to Know About Expunging or Sealing Records

Wondering if you are eligible to expunge or seal your record? Depending on your history, you may be able to do both. Here are the 5 most important things about Expunging and Sealing Records.

7/10: Apply for Jobs

While finding a job may be difficult, maintaining a positive attitude and being persistent is crucial. Keep in mind that there are companies that will hire individuals with records and that there are several resources in your community to assist you along the way.

8/10: Interview for Jobs

Learn about how you can prepare for your job interview and how to address your record during the interview.

9/10: First Day on the Job

Learn about the do's and don'ts for your first day on the job!

10/10: Money Management Tips

As a returning citizen, it’s important to keep in mind that obtaining or updating documents and forms of identification or fees may come up. Be sure to call these organizations or look on their website to see what fees you may have to pay and if there are any waivers you can complete that would allow you to not pay the fee. You will want to consider these fees along with other expenses.

The Illinois workNet Money Management Guide provides information and resource on how you can reach your financial goals from getting started and saving to tips for paying for education and even retirement. Be sure to also check out this list of Managing Finances Resources to learn more about budgeting and managing your finances.