1/11: Volunteer Guide Intro

Volunteering is a worthwhile act that helps your community, but it also looks great on a resume. Whether you are volunteering for the first time or just want to expand your work experience, use the Illinois workNet Volunteer Guide to learn more. Click the button below to get started.

2/11: Benefits of Volunteering

Have you ever thought about volunteering? If not, give it a try! There are many ways to volunteer. If you haven't checked into ways of volunteering, please take the time to do so. It might be just what you need to succeed. Here are some of the ways volunteer work can benefit you.

3/11: Volunteer Guidelines

Everyone has talents and skills, which means anyone can offer their talents and skills to help towards a greater cause by volunteering. Being a volunteer is a great way to meet new friends, network, and, build marketable skills.

4/11: Volunteering Builds Skills Employers Want

One of the most important things you can highlight on your resume is your work experience. This raises the question: how do people get jobs in the first place if employers look at work history? "Work history" doesn't just mean paid jobs. It also includes volunteer work you may have done in the past. Employers often focus on this when reviewing resumes.

5/11: Volunteering and Your Resume

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your community, give back to it, and be part of something bigger than yourself. However, it's easy to forget that volunteer work is important to include on your resume. While volunteering, you devote your time, learn a variety of skills, and enhance existing skills: all of which prepare you for a paid job. Employers understand this, which is why it is important to include volunteer experience on your resume.

6/11: Volunteering and Networking

While you are volunteering, you can almost guarantee a shared interest between you and other people there because you are all likely interested in the organization or the cause you are volunteering for. Meeting people while working together can be good because you are able to form a bond from your shared volunteer experiences.

7/11: Why and Where to Volunteer – Young Adults

While you might be busy with school, extra-curricular activities, or work, you may also want to think about volunteering. Despite what you may think, volunteering isn't only for adults. Look around, and you can find opportunities and benefits for youth as well! Here are a few ways volunteering can be a great activity for you.

8/11: Volunteer Opportunities in Your Community

A volunteer is a person who chooses to do something to help others or improve the quality of life. There is no financial gain for the volunteer. The gratitude of helping complete a project is usually what the person gains when volunteering.

9/11: Businesses Supporting Volunteering and Community Service

Many businesses and organizations understand that community work is important. Communities that have higher engagement from their residents are usually more successful. With this knowledge, some companies choose to support their workers by helping their communities.

10/11: Volunteering and Your Job Transition

Are you in a job transition – or expecting one – because of a layoff or other reasons? You may be busy finding services, updating your resume, and finding interview outfits. However, there is something else that can help fill your transition time. Volunteering is a great option for filling an employment gap.

11/11: More Volunteer Resources

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