Want to expand your business even more? Learn how tax incentives can help boost your business financially, discover where your business can relocate with a free property search tool, and more.

1/5: Large Business Table of Contents

See what resources the Business Hub has to offer for Large Businesses

  • Incentives and Tax Assistance
  • Intersect Illinois
  • Property Search for Sites and Buildings
  • Economic Development Directory

2/5: Illinois DCEO: Incentives and Tax Assistance

There are a wide range of tax incentives and exemptions that can help you grow your business such as:

  • EDGE
  • High Impact Business Programs
  • Tax Increment Financing and much more

To learn more about these and other opportunities click here.


3/5: Intersect Illinois

From property searches, economic overviews, the latest technology and innovations to what major employers in Illinois are up to, go to Intersect Illinois' website. With several helpful resources, tools, and information, read up on the latest trends and programs to grow and sustain your business today.

4/5: Property Search for Sites and Buildings

Looking for an office, industrial, or retail space for your business? Use Intersect Illinois' Property Search tool that allows you to adjust search criteria including:

  • Square footage or acreage;
  • Location by, county, region;
  • Labor force, demographic data, consumer spending trends;
  • Comparing your search results and much more.

Click here to start your search.


5/5: U.S. Economic Development Directory

To get in touch with the contacts you need for economic development, click here for a statewide directory.