If your company is experiencing a layoff, learn about the programs and resources in Illinois that assist in avoiding and reducing the impact of an upcoming layoff, ​reporting the layoff, and other services.

1/6: Layoff Assistance Table of Contents

See what resources the Business Hub has to offer for Layoff Assistance

  • WorkShare IL
  • WARN Reporting and Services
  • Company Layoff Search
  • Trade Layoff Reporting and Services
  • Illinois Virtual Job Fairs

2/6: WorkShare IL

WorkShare IL is a voluntary program that provides employers facing a decline in business with an alternative to layoffs. The program allows an employer to reduce the number of hours worked in any unit of their business in order to avoid permanent layoffs. Each employee in an affected unit continues to work but experiences a reduction in hours that ranges from 20% to 60%. Employees receive a corresponding percentage of unemployment benefits during the period of temporary reduction to offset the reduction in earnings.

3/6: Illinois WARN Reporting and Services

The Illinois Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) requires applicable employers to provide advanced notification of a plant closure or mass layoff. This section provides details on the law and how to comply with it. Visit this page to find:

  • State WARN Definitions.
  • How to Submit a WARN.
  • Illinois WARN Contracts.
  • WARN Downloads.


4/6: Illinois Company Layoff Search

Click on a company specific layoff link below to view information on local events, services, resources available to individuals affected by that layoff, and the Dislocated Worker Survey.

5/6: Illinois Trade Layoff Reporting and Services

A trade layoff happens due to increased imports or production shifted out of the United States. Visit this page to find:

  • Information on reporting a layoff.
  • Illinois Trade Program and USDOL Contacts.
  • Illinois Trade Downloads.

6/6: Illinois Virtual Job Fairs

The Virtual Job Fair (VJF) tools are a new opportunity for Employers to easily advertise their organization and connect with qualified job applicants at no cost.

Employers will be able to setup virtual job booths where interested job seekers can learn more about their organization and available job openings. Employers may also request webinar assistance when hosting their Virtual Job Fair events.