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Hard Work Pays Off!

Joseph Bishop has been en... +
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Name: Joseph
Date: 01/18/2022
Career Pathway: Not Available
Program: IDHS Youth Programs
Location of Service: 60649-2121

Joseph Bishop has been enrolled in Lawrence Hall’s IYIP program since September of 2021. Joseph is a very dedicated, hardworking, and dependable client. Joseph began employment at Lost Boyz Inc. on September 23, 2021 as a grounds crew member. Joseph’s hard work and dedication recently earned him a promotion as a Janitorial Manager. Joseph is a very diligent worker and continues to thrive in his new position at Lost Boyz Inc. Joseph Bishop has made Lawrence Hall very proud by consistently showing his impressive drive to succeed. Keep up the great work Joseph!

Success with the Carbondale Police Department Story Image

Success with the Carbondale Police Department

​​​​​​1.What experiences ... +
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Employer Name: Mantracon
Date: 01/13/2022
Career Pathway: Law, Public Safety and Security
Program: Apprenticeship Illinois
Location of Service: 62959-618

​​​​​​1. What experiences are you having now at your job or in classes that have made you successful?  With my new position at the Carbondale Police Department, I have had a lot of experiences that are helping me be successful. I am receiving onsite training so when I graduate I will already know what it takes to be an officer and I will already know a lot of information so my FTO training will go a lot smoother.

2. What has your training program helped you achieve (either at school or work)?  My training program has helped me with learning the districts of Carbondale, a lot of the streets that I will need to remember, and the paperwork side of things.

3. What positive changes have resulted from your apprenticeship so far? Some of the positive changes that have helped me so far are the pay, my schooling being paid for, and the training that I’m receiving.

4. Provide details of your career or new job plans. Once I graduate I plan on going to the academy to being a sworn-in officer. Once I complete that and I have put at least 3 years into that I would eventually like to move up to investigations.

Plochman’s Successful Workforce Partnership Story Image

Plochman’s Successful Workforce Partnership

Made exclusively in the U... +
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Employer Name: Plochman Inc.
Date: 12/22/2021
Career Pathway: Manufacturing
Program: Laid off worker
Location of Service: 60950-9384

Made exclusively in the United States and based in Manteno, Illinois, Plochman’s has been making mustard for over 150 years. The Department of Commerce and local workforce and education partners had the opportunity to visit Plochman’s last week. Plochman’s works with our Kankakee Workforce Services offices to support their workforce needs. The group also had the opportunity to speak with WIOA program participant, Vasha Woods, who is receiving paid work experience through a work-based learning internship. Vasha was displaced from her prior employment and shared with the group her positive experience with the program. “The program provided me with the opportunity to continue my education at Kankakee Community College and obtain work experience in a new industry,” said Woods. In her internship role, Vasha has helped Plochman’s with creating and writing Standard Operating Procedures and is currently gaining experience in their accounting department. “The Kankakee Workforce Services office has provided us with applicants through different workforce programs”, shared Martin Faye, Plochman’s Plant Manager. Employers can benefit from workforce programs to help with recruiting for open positions but more importantly to help reduce staff costs and establish a talent pipeline. In return, the employer mentors, trains, and supports the employee with the end result of employee retention. “The local workforce services office makes the process easy,” said Faye. Visit illinoisworknet.com/servicefinder to find your nearest workNet Center.